North Harringay



Admissions to the Nursery

Our admissions into the Nursery are dealt with directly by the school. Please click here for more details 

Admissions to Reception

Our admissions into Reception are dealt with by the local authority. Please click on the link to find out about the Admissions criteria and to apply: Haringey Council School Admissions Please view our Admissions Policy for more details.

Deferred places - before compulsory school age
The School Admissions Code states in short that admission authorities must allow parents to defer a school place until the child is of compulsory school age. Parents can defer a place to a time later in the year, or until the child is of compulsory school age AND request that their child takes up the place part-time until the child reaches compulsory school age.

Starting school during the year

If your child lives in Haringey and does not currently have a school place, or if you wish to transfer them to a different school, please apply for a school by visiting the Haringey Council website.

Oversubscription criteria

Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs which names the school will be admitted in accordance with Section 324 of the Education Act 1996:

If the number of applicants without statements of educational needs naming the school is higher than the number of places available, the following rules will be applied, in the order of priority set out below to decide who will be offered a place:

1) Children in Care
Children who are looked after by a local authority or were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after, became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order.
Children in care means children who are in care of a local authority in accordance with Section 22 Children Act 1989.
2) Social Medical
Children who the Authority accepts have an exceptional medical or social need for a place at one specific school. Applications will only be considered under this category if they are supported by a written statement from a doctor, social worker or other relevant independent professional. The information must confirm the exceptional medical or social need and demonstrate how the specified school is the only school that can meet the defined needs of the child.
3) Linked school
This rule applies only to junior school admissions. Applicants attending an infant school will be prioritised under this rule for admission to the linked junior school.
4) Brother or Sister
Children with a brother or sister already attending the school and who will still be attending on the date of admission. This category includes foster brothers and sisters, half brothers and sisters or stepbrothers and sisters. Parents should note that in all these cases, the brother or sister must be living at the same address as the child for whom the application is being made.
5) Distance
Children living closest to the preferred school.
Tie breaker
The tie breaker for all criteria is: children living closest to the school measured in a straight line from the post office address point for the child’s home, to the post office address point of the school, supplied by the Royal Mail using a computerised mapping system. The tiebreak for two or more applications that live exactly the same distance from the school will be random allocation using a computerised system.
If only one place is available at the school and the next child who qualifies for a place is one of multiple birth siblings, we will ask community schools to go over their published admission number.